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Facial Treatments
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About Us

Founded by Janet Sartin over half a century ago her facial treatments, techniques and products were ahead of their time then and they are ahead of their time today. Sought after by the most famous, stunning and powerful women in the world Janet Sartin in New York remains a destination. All our products were born from and are used in our famous treatment rooms. Yours to take home and discover what has made Janet Sartin a legend among beautiful women everywhere. Our treatment benefits are captured in every product we sell.

We are dedicated to maintaining the Janet Sartin philosophy blending it with today’s technology and anti-aging science. Janet Sartin says “Why put products on your face and body that just cover-up and hide the surface of your skin instead of improving the condition of your skin.”

Please take advantage of our related products to see which Janet Sartin products Miss Sartin recommends to be used together to create a most effective skin care program.

We appreciate your visit to the Janet Sartin web site.