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Fall and Winter Solutions


Cleansing Oil

Your Price: From $25.00 to $95.00

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For dry skin. Cleans with a tender touch. Weightless. Sheer. Nourishes and protects as it floats off pollutants and makeup without rubbing.

Directions: Saturate cotton with Cleansing Oil, cleanse face and neck. Omit nose and any oily area.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Arachis Hypogaea (Peanut Oil), Propylparaben, Fragrance, BHA.

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Superfatted Soap
Your Price: From $12.00 to $34.00
Superfatted Soap
Hands and face feeling dry from all the washing? Formulated with Lecithin known for improving dryness. Even dry skin can feel immaculately clean. A luscious emollient bar that keeps the most delicate complexion soft and smooth. Fragrance free.
Ultra Anti-Aging Peptide Cream 1.85 oz.
Your Price: From $82.00 to $144.00
Ultra Anti-Aging Peptide Cream 1.85 oz.
For normal to dry skin. Our updated Ultra Anti-Aging Peptide Cream formulated to increase supportive collagen and skin elasticity.
Superfatted Cream
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Superfatted Cream
Pure indulgence for parched, dry skin. Rich, nourishing, instantly comforting for all seasons, all reasons: face, neck, decolletage, eyes and lips. Super-nourishing night treatment.
Collagen Cream
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Collagen Cream
Reinforces your skin's own supply of collagen (and enhances collagen injections) to cushion your skin and keep it smooth and soft. Beneficial even for the young.
Skin Veil .50 oz.
Your Price: $65.00
Skin Veil .50 oz.
For dry skin. Treatment makeup that acts as a buffer against fine lines and wrinkles caused by smiling, pouting and frowning. Softens and corrects existing fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines around the eyes and upper lip. Undetectable.

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