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Dry Skin Products

Dry Skin Products

Dry skin is a result of under productive sebaceous glands, which can make you prone to sensitivity. There are many dry skin products to help you retain moisture and prevent chapping and cracking. Dryness is more noticeable and problematic in cold, windy and sunny environments. Taking hot showers or washing your face in hot water with harsh soaps can make your face feel tight and uncomfortable and lead to a dry and flaky skin. Protecting your face requires gentle cleansing with regular applications of oil and moisture. Janet Sartin has developed very effective and moisturizing dry skin care products for your face and body to help you reduce your sensitivity. She offers a complete line of cleansing, moisturizing, firming and lifting solutions to keep you looking healthy and young.

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Hydrating Skin Care

Hydrating Skin Care

Most moisturizing creams are oily, leaving your cheeks and forehead shiny and unattractive. However, Janet Sartin has created very effective hydrating skin care treatments that not only moisturize, but make your face feel soft and supple for a younger looking appearance. The hydrating creams will help you to remove those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. All of Janet Sartin's products are designed to rejuvenate and repair, not just to conceal the damage. Better looking skin is easy with her Hydrating Lotion, Aloe Hydrating Mask and Firm + Hydrate Oil Free Cream. No matter what your skin's condition, Janet Sartin offers oily, normal or dry skin products for your specific needs. All of the treatments will nourish and enrich your skin making it smoother and healthier over time.

Dry Skin Care Products

With over 50 years experience, Janet Sartin has been creating products for younger looking, beautiful skin for clients all over the world. Her dry skin care products offer stunning results for people suffering with flaky, chapped skin. Her signature products have been listed in Essence, Marie Clare, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Mademoiselle because of their dramatic results and effectiveness. With Janet Sartin you can improve your beauty with her trusted cleansing, firming, exfoliating and hydrating skin care solutions. Try Janet Sartin today and see a noticeable difference tomorrow.

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