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Acne Light Treatments

Acne Light Treatments

Severe acne outbreaks can be annoying and embarrassing. However, many clients at Janet Sartin have been enjoying the benefits of acne light treatments for clearing away the red, bumpy appearance of this harmful skin condition. This high intensity light therapy destroys the acne bacteria that cause the infections with no irritation or redness. This painless procedure is perfect for your face, neck, chest or back. In addition to this very effective therapy, many clients enjoy the many Janet Sartin skin treatment products that nourish and enrich the skin without excessive ingredients that are harmful to acne prone skin.

Janet Sartin Institute

A legend in skin care treatment and products, Janet Sartin has been creating products and techniques for superior skin for over 50 years. Her proven anti-aging creams, moisturizers, foundations and cosmetics have enhanced the faces of beautiful women everywhere. The Janet Sartin Spa is known for its exceptional facials and skin rejuvenation treatments. New York City clients and those from all over the world rely on Janet Sartin for the best in skin care and beauty products.